Dog Jog

After my fitness tracker stopped working and Fitbit wouldn’t flip the switch to fix it, I decided that I needed to do a little more physical activity, otherwise I would ‘just stay fat.’

I used to be a runner.  Now that I think about it, runners can usually run a decent distance and supposedly, they get some kind of high, so maybe I really wasn’t a runner.  But I tried.  I ran a few 5K races and while it was rewarding to reach the finish line, I never really enjoyed it. In fact, this one time at 5K camp, I was near the back of the pack and this guy starting running next to me. For the rest of the race he told me all about how he was battling lung disease.  I think that gives you a good idea of my running ability.

While that was 25 years ago and I haven’t run much since, my running has not improved. It’s really not even a run, but then again, it’s also not a walk.  I guess it’s more of a shuffle. I had to add the shuffle back into my workout regime so my clothes would still fit. I don’t run competitively anymore though. I decided I didn’t need to pay $50 to run on the same streets that I run on 3-4 times a week for free. I might feel differently if there’s a Q-pon and the cost is only $25. But in reality, I don’t need another race t-shirt or to hang with my chronic lunger friends at the back of the pack.

The other day while I was shuffling I could hear a golf cart approaching from behind. A lot of people in my neighborhood drive around on golf carts even though we don’t live on a golf course. Anyway, as the cart got closer I noticed the driver was holding out his left hand and in it, was a leash. At the end of the leash was a dog who was jogging alongside the cart.  Me, the cart, and the dog were in sync for a few seconds and then they pulled away. I just kept shuffling. That’s when I realized, if this were a real 5K race, the dog on the dog jog would’ve beaten me-just like the chronic lunger did so many years ago.

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Happy #FirstDayofFall

Eliza G.

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  1. Kristi M. says:

    Apparently, you should not stop running. It provides you with some good and long-lasting stories!


    1. Eliza G says:

      It sure does! You knew my lunger story but it’s still funny to me!
      Eliza G


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