Welcome to My Fruit of the Womb, a site for sharing fabulously funny stories about every day life. I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days with three friends and former colleagues while attending a conference in Atlanta.  It had been awhile since I spent time away with the lady friends and oh the laughter!  One evening, we sipped drinks in the bedazzled lobby bar of The Ritz-Carton, a hotel where all we could afford was a drink, and got caught up on what was happening in our lives. I told them about my plan to start a blog and a few of the funny stories I would share with followers who wanted to laugh at the everyday experiences of women over fifty. As we savored every drop of our drinks and talked about our lives, we laughed and laughed and laughed.  Oh the laughter that came from the four of us!  In no time at all, every story ended with, “That is a story for the blog” and a roar of laughter. (Yes, we were ‘those ladies’ in the bar that night!) By the time we returned to our real hotel at the end of the night we had nearly a dozen funny stories about our everyday lives that made us laugh.  This was proof that life over fifty is fabulously funny and needs to be shared.  Welcome to my blog, where I share the fruit of my womb so that you too can laugh and we can all share the laughter.

Thanks for sharing the laughter,

Eliza G.