A Fabulously Funny Snicker: Pretend it’s 1995


I was at a brewery the other day.  It was new to me and so was the message written on the small chalkboard behind the bar.

Let me go back several years and paint a picture of being out for drinks and wings.  It was the usual Friday night event at the Red Barn.  As we all sat around the table, the children and adults conversed as they ate and drank everything they shouldn’t have ate and drank. Most importantly, they conversed directly with each other.  There were no cell phones used during the many hours we ate, drank, and conversed.  I commented that in the future the kids would ask for the ketchup by sending text a message to the person who sat nearest to the ketchup.  I guess I could see into the future.  Now, nearly every establishment you go into has the Wi-Fi password posted so that everyone can access the ketchup without using their data.

Fast-forward to the new brewery I was at the other day.  Under the heading of ‘WiFi Password’ on the small chalkboard behind the bar was a message that read, “We don’t have a Wi-Fi password.  Pretend it’s 1995 and talk to each other.”  Just think about that for a minute…and enjoy the snicker.

Thanks for sharing the snicker!

Eliza G.

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