You Think You Are, but You’re Not


I recently was back in my favorite city for a few days. I planned ahead so that I was sure to see and do everything I wanted to see and do while there. However, sometimes you think you’re going to do something, but then you find out, you’re not.

Do you think you’re going to see the 80’s band Poison on Thursday?  Well, you’re not. It was moved to Tuesday. So, rearrange all your travel plans to get into the city two days earlier and still catch the concert. Apparently, I really wanted to see Poison.

Do you think you’re going to Poison on Tuesday? Well, you’re not. It was cancelled.  Alberto rained on that parade, or concert. So, go listen to a man with short hair wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a much-to-small western style shirt sing a Poison song at a honky-tonk and be happy with that.

Do you think you’re going to dinner on Wednesday at 6:30PM at the new restaurant with the guitar-shaped rooftop?  Well, you’re not. Shopping that had to be done took longer than expected and the reservation was cancelled.  So, eat at the only restaurant still serving food at 10:30PM.  That’s the time of day when you get all the leftovers and end up experiencing some other type of poison while you’re trying to sleep.

Do you think you’re going to enjoy dinner on Thursday at the basement bistro that is located downtown? The one where you can’t afford to eat on the first or second floors? Well, you’re not.  There was a 4-alarm fire there the night before and all the sprinklers went off soaking the entire place. The place is closed indefinitely. So, go to the restaurant with the guitar-shaped rooftop, the one where you were supposed to go to on Wednesday. Be proud that you can afford to eat on the first floor rather than the basement and be happy you can listen to music while you eat.

Yeah, sometimes you think you’re gonna do one thing and end up doing another.  I still got to enjoy Poison, food, and a little too much orange vodka in my favorite city. It all worked out and I’m happy with that.

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