A Fabulously Funny Snicker: Unpack It


Sometimes everyday life gives me a fabulously funny snicker rather than an out loud laugh.  When written, a shared fabulously funny snicker is shorter in length than a fabulously funny story and longer than a fabulously funny tweet.  You’ll catch on once I stop writing ‘fabulously funny’ so many times in a single sentence.

I proudly present to you the first ever Fabulously Funny Snicker

I went to the local outdoor market the other day.  I was there to creep rather than buy. No, I wasn’t creeping on people at the market, I just wanted to see what local artisans were selling in case I need something in the future.

As I walked past one of the many booths lined up in the hot sun, I heard a jewelry maker use the following sales pitch to a middle-aged couple who had stopped at her booth. She said, “I make these necklaces for dogs, but I sell more to women than to dogs.”  Yes, I know. There is a lot to unpack there. Just think about that for a minute…and enjoy the snicker.

Have a fabulously funny day!  Remember to share the snicker.

Eliza G.

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