You Want Me to do What?


This really is a fabulously funny story but I am short on time so it’s going to be a snicker that will make you laugh.

Long story short, I bought a little Igloo refrigerator/freezer.  I bought it at Walmart last June and it had a one-year warranty. I didn’t use it all winter.  When I plugged it in early this month, the freezer worked, but not the fridge.  I contacted Curtis International (1-800-968-9853), which is the company that manufactures quality appliances (their words, not mine) such as my refrigerator/freezer.

After 6 contacts over the last 21 days, including 3 emails in which I sent the requested photographs of the front, back, and serial number; a copy of the receipt; and a description of the problem, I finally got a response.  Cut and pasted below is the actual email response I received from Curtis. I hope I’m being pranked and I hope you snicker…because I’m still laughing.

Thank you for emailing us.

Please read the below and kindly follow the instructions.

** When responding PLEASE click the “REPLY TO EMAIL”,

 So that we may have all correspondence history included. ** 

** Please insure that the Case File CF# is in the subject line **

As a goodwill gesture we can extent to you the option of destroying the unit and removal of model# and serial# stickers along with “CUT-POWER CORD”.

(Destroying the unit is quite easy to do by simply tapping the front of the unit lightly with a bat or hammer.)

We will require pictures that the unit has been damaged along with the removal of Model# and serial# stickers and “CUT-Power Cord”.

1) Please ensure that the unit is unplugged.  

2) Please than cut off the POWER CORD closest to the REFRIGERATOR.

3) Please peel off the MODEL# sticker and the SERIAL# stickers (you may use a hairdryer to heat the labels for easier removal)

4) Please then destroy the unit by tapping a bat or hammer to the front side of the unit.   

5) Please then destroy the unit by tapping a bat or hammer to the rear side of the unit. 

6) Afterwards send us pictures showing the unit has been destroyed and is unusable.

7) Please arrange to ship the stickers by USPS or Canada Post envelope to:

Att: Customer service (BAA) 

Curtis International Ltd.

315 Attwell Dr.

Etobicoke, ON, M9W 5C1


* Once we receive the stickers we can proceed with warranty support.

* Please note that as printed in the warranty agreement, transportation costs will be the customer’s responsibility.

* Please note to include your Work order# clearly on the outside oh the package and also on a note inside the package with your complete mailing address.

*Please also include the photocopy of bill of sale and write your work order # on it.

Recycling –

Your unit may be required to be handed in at a collection point for recycling electronics (via your local stewardship program).Please note to contact your local municipality towards the correct recycling procedure of your unit. Local municipalities as in your area will have a facility and/or program in place to arrange to recycle the freezer. Please note that information about recycling can be obtained from your local municipal authority. Please either check online or call your local municipality for support and direction. Please note warranty support does not include reimbursement for fees incurred by disposal.


Customer Relations Support – BAA

Curtis International Ltd.

 * For added support and efficiency –> to respond directly to this email and to not start a new email chain.*

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