Thinking I Know, Knowing, and Not Knowing


I went to an event where there were people whom I knew and others that I didn’t.  I found myself in a precarious situation that involved thinking I know, knowing, not knowing, and panties in a bunch.

Let’s begin with the panties. There absolutely is no reason to get your panties in a bunch over what you are about to read. This fabulously funny story is about me and what went on inside my head, not my panties, when I thought I knew, came to know, and didn’t know.  So don’t hang me out to dry on social media and make me something that I am not.

Let’s go back to the event that I went to the other day.  As people entered the room, they engaged in small talk. I don’t like small talk.  I think I know how to do it, I know I don’t like to do it, and don’t know why other people like to do it as much as they do, but I did it. As I spoke with one person whom I knew, I noticed another person, a woman, whom I thought I knew, but I wasn’t sure.

The event began and a few minutes in, the woman spoke.  Once she spoke, I went from thinking I knew her to knowing that I knew her. She was different from the last time I saw her. I moved from thinking I knew, to knowing that I knew, to not knowing what to say when I met the person I knew who was different than the person I once knew.

I wondered, do I introduce myself as though we’ve never met?  No, that would be stupid because we both know that we know each other. Do I act as if nothing is different from when I knew her before?  That would be ridiculous because everything about her was different.  At one point, I decided I’d be strategic enough to avoid meeting up with her and then I wouldn’t have to say anything. But I knew in my heart that wasn’t right either.

As you can tell, a lot went through my head, including why the saying is ‘Don’t get your panties in a bunch.’ Panties is plural and panty is singular. Why isn’t the saying, ‘Don’t get your panty in bunch’? Yes, I know, I’m avoiding the issue about not knowing so I’ll get to it.

I came out of a room and she was standing there.  She didn’t say anything, looked directly at me, and said nothing.  “Hello, good to see you,” I said.  After a few seconds of silence I added, “You look so nice.” Just then, someone interrupted us and you definitely know what I was feeling when that happened.

Here’s the thing…I think I know that what I said was appropriate and I know that what I said didn’t get me thrown out of the place or go viral on social media for the wrong reason. I don’t know if what I did was what I should have done…and I don’t mean pulling my panty out of the bunch because it was way up there over this precarious situation.

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Eliza G.

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