Messing Up My Mojo

I spent a few days traveling with several people whom I never met before.  I know, you’re thinking I must be quite the adventurer, but I’m not.  The traveling was for work and I had no say in who went along, where we went, or when we departed and returned. Don’t get me wrong, the people were very nice, but that kind of traveling really messes up my mojo.

First, and this will not come as a surprise to any of my loyal followers, there was a lot of small talk. That’s a real mojo messer-upper for me. Sure, we had to work together to complete a project so it helped to get to know each other a little, but only a little.  Instead, the more I shared, the more they wanted.  The reality is, I’m not that interesting. I’m also not forthcoming so the travelers should have figured out I wasn’t a chit-chatterer.  Instead of listening between the lines and backing off, a few resorted to outright questioning. I felt like I was a witness in a major criminal trial.  After the first few questions I issued a silent ‘objection Your Honor’ by excusing myself to the restroom.  I needed little rest from what was going on in the room. Can’t a girl just give the essential info and a few grunts or nods to appear as though she’s listening and not be considered antisocial?

The second mojo-messer-upper involved the entourage experience. Every minute, except sleep and bathroom time, involved the group. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between, including evening work sessions that lasted until after my favorite television shows had already started or were already over. That’s a lot of entouraging.  I do my best work in my own little world. I’m happy to share what I generate for the benefit of the group, but I need my own time to think and be with myself. You can call it whatever you want, but the truth is, I can’t fully function without ‘me time’. I carved out as much of it as I could by arriving 30-45 minutes late for breakfast and to some of the late evening events. I’m not a big breakfast eater and I learned on the first day that the prosecuting attorney was at her best in the early morning. Oh, and before you think I skipped out of actually doing work, know that I didn’t. I’m not one of those people.  I just did my work in my own little world and I got more done because there wasn’t any chit-chat to clutter my head.

Traveling with several people whom I didn’t know really messed up my mojo. It’s not because there’s something wrong with me.  It’s because I have boundaries.  And if more people had them, my mojo wouldn’t get messed.

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