A Few Steps Forward-A Few Steps Back

My birthday was this week.  I got some presents that will help to solve problems I’ve had over the past couple months and others that actually caused me problems on my special day.

I was an avid fitness tracker for about 3 years.  As many of you know, my tracker suddenly quit syncing about 3 months ago and the company basically told me to #JustStayFat.  Well, they didn’t actually say that, but they weren’t interested in solving my syncing problem.  I showed them. I got a brand new tracker from another company.  I tested my Garmin out this morning and so far it seems to be working good. I’ll keep you posted but for now, it seems that I no longer have an excuse to #JustStayFat.  I guess that’s a little disappointing given that Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is in December-yes, Christmas is in December-and both involve activities that will require me to take more steps to avoid #JustGettingFatter.

As many of you also know, back in October I ordered a cake with ten roses on it for a family member’s birthday and the cake came with nine. I never found the missing rose, but the problem on my special day made me realize that quality might be more important than quantity when I comes to icing roses.

The cake orderer of my party cake told Ann, who proudly proclaimed herself as the bakery manager and cake maker, the kind of cake and decorations he wanted: a white cake decorated with ten fall-colored roses made from sugar icing and white trim around the bottom also made from sugar icing.  Those were his orders, not mine. I’m not particular about the trim around the bottom but I do like sugary icing, especially when I can feel the sugar crystals between my teeth when I bite into it.  Now you know why I am an avid fitness tracker.

So about now, my loyal followers are on the edge of their seats wondering what happened with the cake.  Well, it had ten roses, so we took a few steps forward there, and they were in fall colors, including yellow, orange, red, and brown. The trim around the bottom of the cake also brown, so we took a few steps back.  Brown is an interesting color choice for a birthday cake and I was willing to let it go, and so was the cake orderer-until we ate it.  It wasn’t just brown, it was chocolate.  Now, one of my absolute favorite treats is a chocolate Hershey Kiss smothered in creamy peanut butter so I’m all about chocolate-but NOT on my white party cake.  Chocolate icing is something you order, not something Ann should just randomly give out to anybody she wants.  It’s chocolate and it totally changes the taste of white party cake. So after eating one brown rose I decided the other two had to go and so did the trim.  And that’s when I realized that fewer roses made from quality sugar icing that feels good between my teeth is more important than more roses made of chocolate icing.  I know, either way it’s a lot of sugar.  But the good thing is, all that sugar is gonna help me break in my new fitness tracker.

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Eliza G.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristi M. says:

    Gotta wait a long time for sugary birthday cake roses around here. Lucky you – chocolate and all.


    1. Eliza G says:

      Ah it’ll be here before you know it! The older you get the faster it comes around.
      Eliza G.


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