Let ‘em Doze

I was dozing last evening and something happened that got me thinking…

In general, I am not a dozer. I can’t nod off in just any setting, but I know people who can.  They can catch a few winks while having drinks with friends in noisy bar or while watching a college football game in a stadium filled with cheering fans. But I can’t do it.  I wish I could, but I think my mom ruined it for me when I was still in high school. As soon as she saw my eyes close while I was watching TV in the evening she would yell out for me to go to bed.  She did the same thing when she saw my eyes didn’t open in the morning when my alarm went off only then she yelled, “You’re gonna miss the bus” instead of “go to bed.”  I guess it’s her fault I don’t usually doze, or that I don’t like alarms-it’s always the mother’s fault.

Anyway, here’s my thing about dozing.  When you see a dozer, let ‘em doze.  Sometimes, the dozer will be beaver sleeping. And no, no, no, don’t even go there.  This type of beaver sleeping happens on a long car trip when you lean against the window and your head tips back just enough to open your mouth and show your teeth-your beaver teeth. This is not the time to start asking the beaver dozer questions such as, “Should we see the Washington Monument?” when in reality, you shouldn’t be anywhere near the Washington Monument. Other times, the dozer will be dozing on the couch after a long day of watching The Weather Channel for the next hurricane update.  The bottom line is this-closure of the eyes signifies dozing. It means the person is tired and needs to doze. Whether they are in a bar, at a football game, on a car trip, or laying on the couch watching TV-they are dozing, so let ‘em doze.

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  1. Kristi M. says:

    Knew a dozer who used to lie down on the floor after lunch and maybe watch a little bowling or the Johnstown news before going back to work for the afternoon. Think he got it from another guy who planned his dozing. Even had a little cot back behind the dining room table! Can’t picture either of them dozing on a barstool though. Gosh, some lucky offspring here get it from both sides!


    1. Eliza G says:

      LOL! Yes, there are quite a few dozers in the mix. I always remember being quite when someone dozed. Many others never learned that.
      Eliza G.


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