I’m Here to Make Jewelry!

Like many women, my life is busy. Being over fifty with an empty nest, I find that when I have a little free time, I get to do what I want to do. I look for opportunities to learn something new in a way that doesn’t involve a lot of people or drama. I recently came across an advertisement for a jewelry making class and figured 90 minutes with a few people I didn’t know seemed doable, so I signed up.

I arrived with the pliers and wire cutters from my husband’s tool belt hidden in my purse, just in case they were too big to creatively bend and twist wire-and they were. Upon arrival, I introduced myself to the teacher who inquired about my previous jewelry making experience.  “Ought to be interesting,” was her response upon hearing this was my first experience.  Ah, I had successfully set the bar low so the pressure was off. Part way through our introductory chat she announced that she had to collect her urine for 24-hours due to some health issue she was experiencing.  I snickered inside as she strolled off to add to her collection. Really, we just met and you are sharing your personal urine collection stories with me?

About 20 minutes after the scheduled class start time, my only classmate arrived. A class size of two was perfect, or so I thought. Class began with everything you need to know about jewelry making in 10 minutes or less and quickly transitioned to the teacher sharing stories about her entire life as she watched me haphazardly twist wire into shapes never seen before. I sure was not seeing them because my cheaters were home on the table right where I left them! While I was learning more about the teacher than the fine art of making jewelry, I was happy to be just a student in the class-no attention, no expectations to create anything special, no drama, just an occasional nod to the teacher to let her know I was listening during her therapy session.

My classmate seemed like a nice guy who clearly knew how to use the right size tools to make jewelry.  His designs looked nothing like mine yet I was enjoying my new craft. Suddenly, the valedictorian announced he could not finish his design because his hands were shaking-seems he was diabetic and didn’t eat enough before scooting across town 20 minutes late to jewelry class! Are you serious-The one thing you had to do before coming to class and you didn’t do it?  Again, I snickered inside, not because he was having a health issue, but because I was there in the few free moments I had to do something for myself and I got one collecting urine and getting therapy that indirectly, I paid her to share, and another struggling to stay upright while wrapping his sea glass pendant.  What is happening?  Must I always be taking care of someone? This is my time and I’m here to make jewelry!

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  1. Kath says:

    So glad you shared the jewelry making story. That usually happens to me when I am out having fun or “taking a break from being responsible” and someone shares their medical or mental health woes! I have decided I need to turn on my “off duty” sign in my head.


    1. Eliza G says:

      Yes, I want one of those signs too! Really bad when they don’t know your a nurse!
      Thanks for following and #sharingthelaughter!
      Eliza G


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